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Advanced Systems Management Module for SLES 12 released for Power and System z


The Advanced Systems Management Module for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 has now been released for System z and Power after it has been available for x86-64 already since the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12! As Robert recently blogged, modules are bridging “the gap of the two extremes of change vs. stability by providing different life cycles for different parts of the distribution while providing Enterprise level support.”

This module contains three components to support system administrators in automating tasks in the data center and cloud: the configuration management tools cfengine and puppet, and the new “machinery” infrastructure. The configuration management systems puppet and cfengine give system administrators – across architectures and OS versions – one way to automate system administration tasks and now System z and Power system administrator can benefit from these tools support by SUSE.

Machinery is a systems management toolbox that allows you to inspect systems remotely, store their system descriptions and create new system images to deploy in data centers and clouds. System administrator can now use System z and Power systems – like before x86-64 systems – as central machine for machinery and inspect systems running on all these architectures.

Machinery is developed by the SUSE engineering team and you will see regular updates of it.


To add the module to an existing installation, run the YaST registration module again and select the module.

For new installations, add the module during registrations.

Adding the module will not add any new packages, you need to select the packages you want to install yourself.


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