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3DT Holdings prepares to revolutionize heart-valve surgery with SUSE Rancher and UberCloud


“Our work with UberCloud and SUSE is playing an important role in developing an innovative solution for heart-valve disorder, one of the health care industry’s most pressing challenges.” Yaghoub Dabiri, Scientist, 3DT Holdings.

To help tackle cardiovascular disease and improve patient outcomes for a specific form of heart-valve disorder, 3DT Holdings is building a decision-support solution that will deliver real-time guidance to surgeons in the operating theatre.

3DT Holdings initially created a data replica of this surgery and trained the machine-learning model, based on as much real-world data as possible.

By partnering with high-performance computing experts at UberCloud, 3DT Holdings was able to use a containerized environment on Google Cloud Platform that spanned more than 3,000 Kubernetes clusters — all supervised using SUSE Rancher. The SUSE solution was chosen because of its ability to automate repetitive processes, facilitate management, and ensure high simulation success rates.

Helping surgeons through machine learning

The machine-learning model built to provide real-time guidance for surgeons was initially developed on a workstation as the high compute resources required to run the training simulations were too much for conventional desktops.

For this reason, the UberCloud solution is cloud-based which minimizes the cost-per-simulation and allows 3DT to maximize the training dataset for its machine-learning model, ensuring greater accuracy.

UberCloud partnered with SUSE Rancher to deploy, manage, and protect Kubernetes clusters at speed and scale. Supervising up to 3,000 Kubernetes clusters manually – one per simulation – was not an option and so SUSE Rancher provided the automation, monitoring and management that made the solution feasible.

SUSE Rancher is now fully integrated with the Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud Platform, empowering 3DT Holdings to automate key tasks such as applying Kubernetes updates as well as general monitoring. The team can quickly identify and resolve issues, such as underutilized compute cores or suspended clusters, meaning that cloud resource and license usage can be maximized.

SUSE Rancher helped 3DT Holdings to hit its target of training its new machine-learning model using more than 3,000 simulations on time and within budget, allowing it to move to the next phase in product development.

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