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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ‘Leader’ in Virtualization Software


Markus Noga, General Manager, Business-critical Linux at SUSE 


I’m excited to share that SLES was recognized by G2, the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace, as the Leader in its Server Virtualization Software category and the High Performer in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service category. 

Linux with virtualization and IaaS is the foundation of cloud computing. I am proud of our engineering and that SLES is the perfect guest, optimized for and supporting all leading hypervisor technologies and cloud platforms. 



According to Gartner, the worldwide IaaS Public Cloud Services Market Grew 41.4% in 2021. As our customers continue their cloud native and digital transformation journey, they require solutions that allow them to effectively manage at scale and drive growth across their business. To do this, they have found SUSE solutions to offer the highest levels of security, availability and performance.


I am pleased to share a few testimonials from our customers:

“VMware and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server work very well together. When we originally went down the path of virtualization, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server was the first distribution to include drivers for our chosen virtualization technology as standard, which made things much easier. In general terms, we find that SUSE is often ahead of the other Linux vendors in introducing support for new technologies such as new file systems, for example. This means we can get the benefits of cutting-edge technology without the usual risks of being an early adopter.” 

Steven Mertens, Global Service Lead In­frastructure, NGA Human Resources 


“Another thing that attracted us to SLES for SAP Applications is the fact that it has been specifically optimized to run on Microsoft Azure. There are ready-to-use cloud images of SLES for SAP Applications available on Microsoft Azure, which accelerates installation and deployment.” 

Hinrich Mielke, SAP Director, Alegri International Group 


While SLES is leading the way, it doesn’t stop there, nor does our engineering work. For customers containerizing their workloads, SUSE Rancher is the most interoperable Kubernetes-management solution across public cloud, edge and on-premises. It works well with SLES and leading 3rd party Linux distributions.  

Separately, Harvester allows customers to unify their virtual machine and container workloads alongside Kubernetes clusters, working seamlessly with SUSE Rancher.  

Together, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE Rancher, and Harvester help customers achieve unparalleled security, scalability, resilience and efficiency for all their infrastructure operations. 


Watch out for more exciting news to come and see how you can innovate with SUSE. 


At SUSECON Digital 2022 in June, we launched the latest release of our Linux code base, SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 4 (SLE 15 SP4), which provides you with the advantages of using one of the world’s most secure enterprise Linux platforms. You can re-visit my SUSECON keynote, which provides a comprehensive overview, including several interviews with our partners and customers. 

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