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Frederic Crozat has been involved in Linux for 12 years, as GNOME maintainer and later as Engineering France team leader at Mandriva. For 9 years, he was a member of GNOME Release Team. During GNOME 3.0 development, he created a GNOME 3 live image (based on openSUSE) to help people test GNOME 3 before it was released. Since mid 2010, he joined SUSE to work on various topics on SUSE Linux distributions, including systemd, LXC, Secure Boot. He is currently Release Manager for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

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systemd Is Not About “Système D”


May 23, 2013 12:48 pm



A lot has been written about systemd, so it is a good time to explain what systemd will bring to your SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 system (you can already taste systemd for your self with openSUSE).

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