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Your learning journey with SUSE


I hate to say it, but summer is finally winding down. This time of year just “feels” like school, doesn’t it? Some kids are already back in school but mine have a couple of weeks of summer left that they are trying to savor. For my kids, preparation for the new school year is quite involved, from concerns about who their teachers will be, will their friends have the same teacher, what to wear, and more. Rarely does what they’ll learn come up as a concern for my kids. Deep down we trust that their school, and teachers, have a plan for each day and that their learning journey will pick up where it left off last spring. It’s the one thing my kids don’t worry about when it comes to school.

Even though my own school days are a thing of the past, our learning potential never ends, which got me thinking about all of the great opportunities SUSE offers you for continued learning and education.

  • SUSE Solution Series” – 60 minute live webinars, focusing on solutions to your IT business problems.
  • Coffee with the Chameleon” – Live, 30 minute webinars focusing on technical tips from the experts.
  • SUSE Expert Days – SUSE’s in-person live training series, being held in 80+ cities worldwide. Whether you’re a returning patron of this interactive training or you’re a first-timer, there’s no doubt it will be worth it.
    • Why Attend?
      • Meet the SUSE Experts in your area! They’ll be there all day and are eager to hear your ideas.
      • Get updated on the latest data center innovations from SUSE and our partners.
      • Take part in technical discussions with your peers. Share your knowledge and contribute to the conversation.
      • Expand your network across the open source community and build new relationships.
  • SUSECON – Save the date! SUSE’s annual conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland, March 23-27, 2020. Join the email list to get the latest updates!


When I look at the options listed above, I see a great opportunity to keep learning. I hope you do too. Join SUSE at one of these upcoming events. We look forward to having you.

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