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Work, network whilst having fun! SUSECon 2014 has it all!


So lets be honest ‘all work and no play’ at any time isn’t really how you maximize getting the most out of any technology show.

Socializing and networking — and generally getting to know some of the people you’re at the conference with — is a critical way of learning.

Through these positive connections you get to learn how other people are tackling technology issues, you get to discuss some of the ideas and concepts that you’re building in the future. And get to discuss some of the sessions you’ve enjoyed or got the most out of.

So whilst attending a conference can seem to be all work and no play – in our experience – you get the most from the event when you spend that time outside of the learning technology sessions.

susecon14SUSECon 2014 is designed to give you time to network. Our technology showcase area is full of some of our favorite partners and is available for an extended lunchtime period. You have time to let you hair down or discuss the day’s topics through the various evening events — from the welcome and “hello” session on through to the main conference evening party. There is a special time you can network around specific topics with our birds of a feather session where you can choose the topic and you get the last evening to meet those final elusive contacts at the cocktail and goodbye event.

Our aim is that you leave the event with not only some fantastic education but also some new connections who can work to help you progress in some of your IT projects.

So if you haven’t yet got around to registering, now’s the time. Review all the sessions and scope out the full program of networking opportunities to make sure you maximize your time at SUSECon 2014.


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