Real Time Business Intelligence with SUSE and SAP

Village Roadshow: Real Time Business Intelligence with SUSE and SAP


After taking part in the American Football business (Didn’t read the article? Find it here), SAP and SUSE are now turning to golf. Golf, you might think, what do SAP and SUSE have to do with golf now?

Village Roadshow, an Australian mass media and entertainment company, wanted to bring the concept of topgolf – which originally started in the UK and USA – to Australia. Topgolf is an interactive and innovative game where golf balls are micro-chipped, so that target sensors can give you immediate scores at your climate-controlled hitting bay. However, the topgolf pre-selected US analytics solution could not just be incorporated to the Australian-specific requirements. For that reason, a different analytics solution was required that used real-time and near real-time business intelligence and analytics.

Hole-in-one with SAP

Village Roadshow decided to choose SAP because of the speed and SAP being the only solution comprehensive enough to deal with the complexity of the project. The project was scheduled for only three weeks which is why Village Roadshow needed every innovation tool SAP had to offer. Therefore, the following technologies were deployed:

  1. SAP HANA: to fully optimize loading and querying for query runtimes and data storage for the In-Memory database.
  2. SAP Analytics Cloud: to enable rapid deployment of dashboard style reporting.
  3. SAP Business Objects, Web Intelligence and the BI Launchpad End-User Portal: to broadcast the pre-formatted and background executed reports directly to a large distribution audience.
  4. SAP Analytics Cloud iOS App: to execute any iOS device while not being connected to the corporate network through VPN.

Happy end and happy customers

Since Topgolf Australia opened, they had approximately 300,000 total visitors, averaging 1,400 each day. Thanks to SAP’s rapid implementation, $77k per day in lost sales revenue could be avoided. Furthermore, due to the real-time analysis, on customer feedback can now be reacted on immediately in order to decide how to best serve the customer and improve customer service and guest loyalty.

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