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Two Webinars for Two Important Aspects of SAP Deployment


We introduced SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications nearly 11 years ago with two features that are critical for SAP infrastructures: high availability (HA) and automated deployment. Today, it is no less important to keep current business services operational and deliver new services quickly. The problem is that the increased number of HA scenarios and options for cloud implementations makes it harder for system administrators and integrators to implement SAP systems reliably and consistently. There are experts out there, and here is your opportunity to learn from two of them in the SUSE 2021 SAP solution technical webinar series.

 “Guided SAP Deployments using AWS Launch Wizard for SAP”

Whether you’re rolling out a new SAP-based application or migrating an existing application to the cloud, you want the deployment to be fast and based on best practices, so you don’t spend a lot of time troubleshooting. SUSE partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a tool for you to automate scale-up of SAP HANA deployments using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications subscriptions in the AWS Marketplace.

David Rocha, a Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, delivers a webinar describing how you can use the AWS Launch Wizard to deploy SAP HANA databases and NetWeaver applications with automation. The presentation gives an overview of the capabilities of the AWS Launch Wizard and includes a demonstration of how to size, configure and deploy AWS resources specifically for SAP HANA.

If you’re considering or planning SAP implementation in the AWS Cloud, check out this webinar before you get started to see the features that are available for a smooth deployment.

Click here to view “Guided SAP Deployments using AWS Launch Wizard for SAP” which is available now on-demand. It’s a lot of good information in just over 20-minutes for you and your colleagues.

 “SAP High Availability: How to Get it Right the First Time”

Let’s face it – high availability for SAP systems is complex and this complexity delays the roll-out of a lot of SAP system implementations. SUSE not only delivers automated configuration and installation for all supported SAP HANA System Replication and SAP NetWeaver Enqueue scenarios, but SUSE Services can also help you get it right the first time with consulting guidance and pre-deployment checks.

Sagar Ravi, a Technical Architect at SUSE, is a SUSE Services consultant and delivers a webinar giving you the information you need to plan, design, and deploy SAP high availability on a SUSE platform. His presentation gives you tips on how to avoid common pitfalls in configuring failover and recovery for SAP HANA and applications.

This is a great opportunity to get first-hand knowledge and insights from a SUSE expert who has seen what can go wrong and knows how to avoid problems.

Click here to register for the live webinar “SAP High Availability: How to Get it Right the First Time” on Thursday, March 18, 2021, at 11 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time / 17:00 Central Europe Time, and be sure to invite your colleagues to register too. This webinar is scheduled for one hour including 10-15 minutes of Q&A at the end.

If you’re interested in this topic but aren’t available for the live session, register anyway. You will receive a follow-up email with a link to the replay. To see other technical webinars, go to

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