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Technical documentation is not limited to conventional product documentation in the form of guides or manuals. It consists of many different types, categories and channels. Of course, product and solution related information is important. But in addition, there are technical information documents of many different levels delivered by many different departments and subject matter experts.

This call to action goes to all of you who use our products and solutions and have to rely on the information provided with the  technical documents: YOUR feedback is crucial to understand what you REALLY need! You can make an impact now and help shape the future of our documentation. Please participate in the SUSE Documentation Survey 2020 if you want to help us improve – for your own benefit!



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Once again, thank you very much for your support!



Disclaimer: The text at hand has not been reviewed by a native speaker. If you find typos or language mistakes, please send them to me ( – or if you like them, just keep them and feed them. 

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