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SUSE Documentation Survey 2020 – 2nd Take. Your Call to Action!


Or: Oops We Do it Again!

The very first documentation survey we conducted last summer was a real success. We got a great amount of responses and highly valuable feedback about what we do right, but more importantly also where we can improve and what is missing in our documentation at SUSE. Now it is time for a sanity check. And to see if your needs and challenges have changed during the past 12 months. Of course we could not yet implement all the ideas and requirements you shared with us. The disastrous COVID-19 pandemic also had some impact and foiled some of our plans. But anyway, I assume we are all clear about the fact that enhancing documentation is a continuous process. And we would like to find out if we are at least on the right track.



Just a Reminder: Why Documentation?

There is no product which is so simple to use and maintain, that it doesn’t require any description or introduction. This is especially true for enterprise software which covers many use cases. Most software solutions only become usable thanks to detailed documentation. If you are responsible for a functioning IT environment and smooth processes, missing or poor documentation can impact your daily work and even the success of your business.

Technical documentation is not limited to conventional product documentation in the form of guides or manuals. There are technical information documents delivered by customer care and support departments. There is project documentation provided by consultants. There are reference architecture or software implementation guides delivered by colleagues working with our alliance partners. There are best practices based on the experience of and delivered by members of our ecosystem. And there are many other forms, such as training and enablement material, etc. Documentation makes information easily accessible, helps new users learn quickly, simplifies the product and helps cut administration and support costs.


Call to Action: Help Improve Our Service!

At SUSE, we are well aware of that. But we want to understand what information is vital to your usage of our products and solutions and what we could do better in future. Thus – we call upon you – once again! Dear SUSE customers, partners, colleagues, users, and friends – please share your insight. Your feedback is crucial to understand how you use SUSE documentation, which components you might be missing, and what can be enhanced, to ensure you get the best information and backing for your daily work.

To share your feedback, just go to the SUSE Documentation Portal and click the highlighted link “Participate in our survey”.


You can also find the participation link on each product’s main page:

Or simply use this link.

Thank you very much for your continuous support!


Disclaimer: The text at hand has not been reviewed by a native speaker. If you find typos or language mistakes, please send them to me ( – or if you like them, just keep them and feed them. 

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