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Calling customers: research responses required 💚




Roughly six weeks ago, we launched our new yearly documentation survey on

Participation to date

We are very grateful for all the responses that are coming in.  KUDOS to our SUSE partners: As of now, you are very active and make up two thirds of the survey participants. On the one hand, that’s wonderful. It proves to us that documentation is also an important part of our solutions for our implementation and technology partners. On the other hand, it takes us a bit by surprise.

Our survey addresses all of our technical users who work regularly with the SUSE documentation. It provides a good opportunity to give detailed feedback. That way, you can directly influence what we deliver to support your daily business. Not only you can request improvements such as new categories of documents, changes in structure and layout, or additional topics to be covered, you also influence the general direction we take in documentation.

Reasons to participate

Need proof? During past surveys, you

  • told us you need more detailed explanations and solution descriptions. We came up with the SUSE Best Practices series, documents adapted from implementation and usage experiences.
  • pointed to the complex structure of documents on the Web page. We answered with the 3-column design, which makes navigation much easier.
  • explained that you’d like to see more reference information. Together with our subject matter experts from the Global Alliances teams, we provided you with the Technical Reference Documentation series.
  • rightly criticized missing search options on Just recently, we introduced new search capabilities with filters that help you find quickly what you need.
  • let us know that you need to understand technology topics and their context. We initiated the (ongoing) Smart Docs project, featuring topic-oriented modular articles to help you keep important information at your fingertips.


These are only a few examples of how your participation and feedback find their way into the documentation. You see, participation pays back 😃.

Call to action

But we would like to see the entire picture. That’s why we’re now specifically asking all customers (and those who want to become one) to grab their pen (uh, keyboard in our case … 😁) and get involved. You use our solutions daily, and in production environments. Thus, your perspective on the documentation might be different than, for example, that of an implementation partner. Just fill out the survey—you can access it via:

The survey will be available online for another 4-5 weeks. Give us a few minutes of your time. And you’ll see, it’s worth it. Because over time, you will benefit from it. Thank you!

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Meike Chabowski Meike Chabowski works as Documentation Strategist at SUSE. Before joining the SUSE Documentation team, she was Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Linux Servers at SUSE, with a focus on Linux for Mainframes, Linux in Retail, and High Performance Computing. Prior to joining SUSE more than 20 years ago, Meike held marketing positions with several IT companies like defacto and Siemens, and was working as Assistant Professor for Mass Media. Meike holds a Master of Arts in Science of Mass Media and Theatre, as well as a Master of Arts in Education from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg/ Germany, and in Italian Literature and Language from University of Parma/Italy.