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Trusted and Preferred for 100 SAP HANA Benchmarks


Three years ago, I posted a blog “Winning the Game with SAP Performance” about what I then called SUSE’s “commanding lead” of 27 SAP HANA performance benchmarks to zero for Red Hat. In that blog, I talked about how SUSE offers a rich set of features that reduce downtime, optimize performance and speed up deployment for the onsite datacenter and in the cloud. I also talked about the innovation from our engineers who developed new ways to automate configuration, installation, and maintenance of SAP systems.

I didn’t imagine that the number would grow to 100 benchmarks (Red Hat now has 16)1 and for that, I would thank our server hardware and hyperscaler cloud partners. After all, SUSE and Red Hat don’t perform SAP HANA performance testing for benchmarks; the IHVs and CSPs do. And they have consistently trusted and preferred SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to demonstrate outstanding performance on their respective platforms. Our partners understand that our co-innovation relationship with SAP naturally drives optimized performance of the SAP HANA platform, which SAP originally developed on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Now those of you who follow my blogs might remember that due to a technical problem I actually thought we reached 100 benchmarks about 6 weeks ago. We decided it might be fun to see if anyone could guess when we would attain this milestone, and offered a prize in the blog “Oops! Our mistake can be your gain. While no one guessed that the exact date would be October 4, I am going to give $100 in SUSE Store merchandise to “Ru” who came closest with a guess of September 19. Congratulations, Ru! Look for an email about how to claim your prize.

While I have your attention, I’ll mention another feature in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications that can benefit your system performance beyond the theoretical benchmarks. We developed the saptune agent to simplify configuring systems for optimal performance based on SAP Notes. See this blog to learn about recent updates to saptune.

Real-time access to business data from SAP HANA requires an infrastructure that can deliver high performance. Choose the OS that your hardware and cloud providers prefer. Run your SAP solutions on SUSE.

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1 See the URLs below for the SAP HANA benchmarks. Filter by “Operating System” to see the count but be aware that two benchmarks which should be attributed to RHEL are not counted. The numbers are as of the date this blog was published.

60 – BW Edition for HANA

17 – BW AML:

5 – Cloud:

18 – BW EML:

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  • Bret Dayley says:

    Congrats to Ru! And to the SUSE team for reaching this milestone!

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