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Oops! Our mistake can be your gain.


A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog announcing that there were 100 SAP HANA benchmarks run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. A couple of hours later, I learned that due to a technical glitch in the counter there were only 97 benchmarks so I immediately removed the blog. Today there are 98 benchmarks and I feel like we’ll get there soon, so let’s have a little fun with this.

Be the first person to respond in the comments section of this blog with your guess for the date when an IHV or CSP will publish the 100th SAP HANA benchmark on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and you will win $100 SUSE bucks to spend for cool merchandise from the SUSE Store. When the 100th benchmark is published, we’ll look at all entry timestamps leading up to that day and select the winner who correctly predicted the date first. (Sorry, SUSE employees are not eligible.)

This is your chance to get that cool SUSE shirt or giant chameleon plushie you’ve always wanted!

Be sure to check back on the SUSE blog site regularly for the announcement of the winner.

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  • John Russell says:

    Oct 31 2019

  • N.N. says:

    September 11

  • Thomas True says:

    Good attidue showing that mistakes happen.

    Seeing forward to the 100th.

  • Michael Tabron says:

    Thanks, Thomas, but don’t you want to add a guess?

  • surely we must be there now ?:)

  • Andy Konecny says:

    our wedding date has been useful for such things in the past so we try it again 🙂

  • Ru says:

    September 19th

  • Mohidin Badsha says:

    August 31st will be 100 HANA benchmark
    I really appreciate the honesty

    Well looking forward for Good news

  • Bartosz Kaczynski says:

    September 13, 2019

  • Simon Flood says:

    August 29

  • Martin Tegtmeier says:

    September 3rd

  • Sander says:

    Sep 2nd

  • Chris Hunter says:

    Nov 1st 2019

  • Frederic Milcent says:

    12 septembre 2019

  • davewelmans says:

    September 16.

  • phuet says:

    As true as IT sometimes breakdowns, we all goof every now and then.
    What is important is the way we react.
    Being open, honest and fun is a must and you did all of this.
    Bravo !
    kindly PFH

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