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The Future of SUSE: A Home for Truly Open Open Source Solutions

When we announced our partnership with growth investor EQT last July, we took a major step toward becoming an independent open source software company. Today we completed our move to independence.

While this might look like a big change for SUSE, the fact is that for myself and the rest of the leadership team here, it’s a fulfillment of a path we’ve been following for a long time.

In fact, there are no changes to the essence of our mission, vision and strategy. We will continue our focus on the success of our customers and our commitments to our partners and open source communities and projects.

Events and trends in IT make it clear that open source has become more important for enterprises than ever. We believe this makes our position as the largest independent open source company more important than ever. SUSE’s independence is aligned with a single-minded focus on delivering what is best for our customers and partners, coupled with full control over our own destiny.

At SUSE we take pride in our status as the open open source company. What that means is that for us, openness isn’t just about open source code or the solutions we build under the open source licensing model. Openness is about the philosophy of how we work together, partner with other companies and solve our customers’ challenges.

We believe our customers should have choice and flexibility – both now and in the future. That choice should include what hardware, software or middleware they use, and whether they use one of our solutions, or many. We don’t believe in vendor lock-in. Customers should have the option to create, deploy and manage their workloads anywhere – on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid or multi-cloud mixture of both – and with a combination of SUSE solutions joined with products and technologies from other vendors connected through open industry standards.

Most important, we believe that in gaining that choice and flexibility, customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice reliability, performance or security. That’s why, for over 25 years, we’ve taken open source software and hardened, tested and supported it so our customers can be confident it will meet their needs. It’s why our tagline is, “We adapt. You succeed.”

You can also see our commitment to openness in our support for the open source community. We’re currently involved in more than 100 open source projects. We encourage our employees to work on what they care about. Often those projects benefit SUSE directly, and sometimes the benefit is only indirect. Always they enrich open source software and the communities that surround it, which ultimately creates benefit and value for us all.

Our employees live and work all over the world, in empowered, flexible arrangements designed around customer and partner success. This flexibility has been a part of SUSE from the beginning. It may be why we can boast employees who have been with us from the very beginning of open source software itself. (And if this sounds like the kind of place you’d like to work, we’re growing.)

As the world turns more and more to open source technologies, we at SUSE believe we have an increasingly important role in the future of enterprise IT. We are perfectly positioned to bring the power of open source to work for our customers and partners, enabling enterprises to implement successful digital transformation and realize the hybrid and multi-cloud workload management they require to power their own continuous innovation, competitiveness and growth. This is where we were always meant to be: helping organizations of all kinds around the world use open source solutions to transform, compete and win.


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