South African MSPs jump on board with SUSE


Axiz and Linux Warehouse host MSP Partner day events in South Africa

South African Managed Service Provider (MSP) resellers (distribution partners), Axiz and Linux Warehouse, hosted two very successful Partner day events on October 18th and 19th. The days focused on the growing market for SUSE solutions as a service, being delivered via MSPs to meet evolving customer requirements.  Bring together over 45 C-Level MSP delegates, the days provided very informative discussion around building managed services with SUSE technologies, and how this has accelerated business growth. With representatives from both newly on-boarded and established MSPs, there was some great interaction and sharing of how to leverage the SUSE One Partner Program to unlock new opportunities.

The events were able to demonstrate how MSPs can monetize the SUSE Solution Stack and the benefits of partnering with SUSE. The event concluded with new opportunities for pipeline building and identifying joint customers as a focus for FY23.

Pictured above, Andy King of SUSE talking through the use cases and opportunities for MSPs


Why are so many organizations looking to adopt cloud and managed services?

With the challenges of the past three years, we have seen the speed of new technology adoption grow faster than ever. Many organizations are now looking to consume these new technologies as managed services, supporting digital transformation ambitions, hybrid & cloud native environments, and adoption of containerization using Kubernetes.

What’s the advantage?

  • Faster time to market
  • Bridge the technology skills gap.
  • Auto-scaling
  • Increased up-time
  • Cost (or Capex vs Opex)


  • The SUSE One Partner Program contains a specialization specifically for those partners that deliver, build, deploy or provide services using SUSE technology in the cloud
  • Free to join, Free training  and a partner portal full of knowledge and co-brandable material
  • Flexible subscriptions options, or as-a-service
  • Enterprise Grade Open Source solutions

First Choice for SAP hosting

As the number one platform for SAP S/4HANA. SAP hosting companies are using SUSE Linux for SAP to improve their customers time-to-market requirements with automated deployment, to deliver new services faster and reducing configuration errors. Deploy the full SAP software stack in the cloud or datacentre in hours not days. Provide competitive SLA’s with Live Patching and high availability and security options all built in.

Do you use mixed Linux environments?

Then why not use a single management platform for your entire mixed Linux environments?  SUSE Manager provides automated patch management to centralized monitoring and management for your multi-vendor Linux estate.

Kubernetes as a service?

For Service Providers offing IaaS with a managed container services, SUSE Rancher addresses the operational and security challenges of managing any CNCF complaint Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure.

Providing DevOps teams with integrated tools for running containerized workloads. Deliver end-to-end vulnerability management, automated CI/CD pipeline security, and complete run-time security including the industry’s only container firewall to protect the cloud-native infrastructure from day zero threats.

Why not differentiate your services with SUSE? For questions about any of the information in this blog, please get in touch with your SUSE Partner Executive or send an email directly to our team at:

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