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5 Really Good Reasons to Work at SUSE

1. Open Source is in our Genes

At SUSE, open source is more than just a development model. It's a way of life. We started as an open source company over 20 years ago, and we're still committed to that. For us, being active contributors in upstream communities is essential—not just because it's our heritage, but also because we believe it's the only way open source technologies will continue to thrive.

Linux thrives because we all collaborate upstream, no matter the color of the company we work for. SUSE developers participate in upstream communities across a wide range of open source projects. In joining us, you will work alongside recognized experts who are not only fun to hang out with, but also happy to share their knowledge with you.

And it doesn't stop there. Being open is also part of our culture. We are expected to be transparent, share information and participate in critical business decisions—regardless of rank or function, from development, to marketing, to sales and support. We believe in empowering employees to make the right decisions, every day, by giving them the information they need.

2. We ARE Enterprise Linux

SUSE invented Enterprise Linux over 20 years ago. We believe in listening to our customers, understanding what they need, and being flexible in order to help them succeed. In joining SUSE, you will experience first-hand what it means to deliver mission-critical, enterprise-class products. You'll also experience what it's like to be trusted by a wide variety of customers worldwide—companies in finance and banking, manufacturing, retail, automotive, defense and aerospace, public service and countless other industries.

There are fundamental changes underway in how enterprises are handling their IT needs. We are in the middle of these exciting changes, and by drawing on our expertise in commercializing open source operating systems, virtualization, systems management and cloud computing solutions, we can support our customers in establishing new service models and new IT processes—quickly, easily and affordably.

3. Results Matter

Working at SUSE is fun. We also know how to work hard. Our customers tell us they love our service and support. And they appreciate the high quality of our products. We strive to uphold our high standards, setting ourselves ambitious (but achievable) goals and meeting them: product delivery dates, customer satisfaction objectives, or financial results.

And of course, we know how to celebrate when we do meet them.

4. We Invest in Being Innovative

We don't believe in standing still. The IT industry is constantly evolving, and so must we. In order to continually deliver value to our customers, we help each other stay current on the latest market trends and technology innovations. While we encourage each other to share information and work together to find innovative approaches to problems, we recognize that informal approaches may not be enough.

At SUSE, we proactively create the space that we need to take a fresh look at things, to work on innovative approaches, and to exchange new ideas. For example, our entire R&D organization participates in 2 "hackweeks" each year—dedicated times to explore and experiment on topics that are both interesting and important. Similarly, our SUSE Labs group organizes an annual conference, together with the openSUSE community, where they engage in discussions on emerging open-source technologies.

5. YOU Matter

At the end of the day, employees are what make up this company—our collective knowledge, our passion for open source and our dedication to success. And this is why at SUSE, we take great care to make sure that our work environment is right. Office locations and cities with the largest concentrations of employees include:

  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • Provo, Utah, USA
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Bracknell, UK
  • Beijing, China
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

We also have many employees who work from other locations around the world, including their own homes. We believe that work is an activity, not a place.

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