The Data Explosion and Academia. Teaching us all new ways to best utilize Software-defined Storage


Enterprises across the world are facing an uphill struggle with managing their increasing data growth, and academic institutions are no exception. Indeed, many universities face unique challenges in this area.

The Challenge is that so many fields of study now generate mountains of data which require ever-growing volumes of storage. Whether it’s physics calculations or data collected from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern or Teaching Hospitals that are archiving MRI scans, X-Ray images and ultrasound recordings all of it takes up storage space and adds to the IT budget bottom line. And that doesn’t factor in the data that students are storing. Schools of the Arts are storing images of artwork, music, and video, just to name a few.

In order to meet these challenges, universities have started looking at software-defined software solutions. And many have chosen SUSE® Enterprise Storage as their solution of choice. Powered by Ceph technology, SUSE® Enterprise Storage offers greater flexibility, easier management, and more granularity in adding storage capacity. It is highly scalable and resilient, cost-effective, and eliminates vendor lock-in. Whether it’s Heavy Matter or Heavy Data let us help you solve your storage challenges with SUSE® Enterprise Storage.

To learn more about how Academia is working with SUSE® and software-defined storage go HERE

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