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By: Ivan Tarin

June 4, 2024 3:52 pm


SUSE Revolutionizes Enterprise Virtualization with Cloud Native Agility

SUSE Harvester is a leap in 100% open source cloud native virtualization, seamlessly blending virtual machine (VM) management with container orchestration to offer unprecedented operational flexibility and efficiency. Skyrocketing virtualization costs can introduce infrastructure complexity and reduced agility. Harvester addresses these critical issues with its unified HCI platform by enhancing resource utilization, reducing costs and […]

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By: Mikhail Kozorovitskiy

April 6, 2021 2:00 am


Meet Harvester, an HCI Solution for the Edge

About six months ago, I learned about a new project called Harvester, our open source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software built using Kubernetes, libvirt, kubevirt, Longhorn and minIO. At first, the idea of managing VMs via Kubernetes did not seem very exciting. “Why would I not just containerize the workloads or orchestrate the VM natively […]

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