SUSE Revolutionizes Enterprise Virtualization with Cloud Native Agility


SUSE Harvester is a leap in 100% open source cloud native virtualization, seamlessly blending virtual machine (VM) management with container orchestration to offer unprecedented operational flexibility and efficiency. Skyrocketing virtualization costs can introduce infrastructure complexity and reduced agility. Harvester addresses these critical issues with its unified HCI platform by enhancing resource utilization, reducing costs and simplifying operations. Harvester serves traditional virtualization and transformations to modern cloud native technology designed for highly constrained cases in the data center, AI optimized workloads and the edge.

Dive deeper into how SUSE’s cloud native HCI solution empowers enterprises to optimize their VM workloads.

Cost reduction and future-proofed virtualization

Harvester eliminates the traditional barriers associated with hypervisor-based environments. It’s not just about coexisting VMs and containers; it’s about integrating them in a way that drives down costs and simplifies processes. By leveraging the robustness of Kubernetes along with proven technologies like SUSE Enterprise Linux and KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), Harvester offers a future-proof solution that avoids vendor lock-in and paves the way for a truly flexible and scalable infrastructure.

With Harvester, enterprises can achieve significant cost savings by optimizing resource utilization and reducing overhead. The platform’s intuitive, web-based user interface simplifies the management of complex, hybrid environments, allowing businesses to focus on innovation rather than maintenance. Whether it’s deploying new containerized applications or migrating existing VMs, Harvester ensures that each step is efficient, secure and aligned with modern cloud native practices.

From virtualization to Kubernetes—A seamless transition

The journey from traditional virtualization to Kubernetes-centric environments encapsulates the evolution of IT infrastructure. Initially popularized by systems like IBM’s CP/CMS and VMware/Broadcom, virtualization allowed multiple virtual machines (VMs) to operate on a single physical host, maximizing resource utilization and reducing costs. However, the rise of containers brought a more granular level of resource management and performance boosts, needing a robust orchestrator — enter Kubernetes.


Harvester: A deep dive into Cloud Native virtualization

Harvester redefines infrastructure management by integrating VMs and containerized workloads within a single platform, offering unparalleled flexibility and control. By leveraging open source technologies like Linux and KVM, Harvester provides a robust foundation for both data center and edge computing environments.

Key features of Harvester

  • Zero Downtime VM Migration: Harvester facilitates live VM migration, ensuring continuous operations without downtime.
  • Intuitive Web-Based UI: The user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to deploy and manage VMs and containers.
  • Advanced Data Protection: Implement backup and restore functionalities for VMs using NFS, S3, or NAS, enhancing data resilience.

Enhancing security and efficiency

Harvester ensures top-tier security with features like RBAC, support for external authentication providers, and secure communication channels. Regular updates maintain compliance and protect against vulnerabilities.

Harvester in action: Real-world Success Stories

Today, Harvester propels some of the world’s largest organizations towards operational excellence. Discover how leading enterprises leverage Harvester to streamline operations, enhance security and drive significant cost efficiencies.

With Harvester, Arm has scaled its DevOps processes to support 2,500 engineers, significantly enhancing productivity and simplifying its cloud native transformation. Explore Arm’s journey here.

Empowering Enterprises with Harvester

Harvester’s cloud native approach enhances current infrastructures and also sets a foundation for future innovations. As enterprises like Arm demonstrate, Harvester drives significant cost savings and operational efficiencies, making it an indispensable tool for modernizing IT landscapes.

Harvester by SUSE stands at the forefront of the virtualization domain, merging the best of Kubernetes automation with the robustness of traditional VM management. Embrace the next level of enterprise virtualization with Harvester — where technology meets strategy to unlock new realms of possibilities.


Join Us at SUSECON 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Harvester is being prominently featured at SUSECON 2024. This premier event is the perfect opportunity to see Harvester in action and learn more about its new features directly from our experts. Be sure to attend our sessions and visit our demo booths to get hands-on experience and deeper insights into the advancements of Harvester.

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