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Symbiosis: Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and How SUSE Brings Them Together


Jeff Hobbs (Director of Engineering) gave a lightning talk at the recent Cloud Foundry Summit EU, describing how SUSE is working with the community to bring Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry closer together. The goal is to let organizations using Kubernetes take advantage of the developer productivity increases enabled by Cloud Foundry, while making it easier for platform operators to manage. Jeff talks about the SUSE Open Source Policy, then specifically focuses on the following open source projects that are part of the Cloud Foundry Foundation: CF Containerization, Project Eirini, and Stratos. Finally, Jeff describes how we package everything together in our SUSE Cloud Application Platform.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation has posted all recorded talks from the Summit on YouTube. Check them out if you want to learn more about the latest news from the Cloud Foundry community. We’ll be posting more SUSE talks here over the coming days. Watch Jeff’s talk below:

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Brent SmithurstBrent has been involved with Cloud Foundry since 2012 when he was responsible for product management and marketing of ActiveState's Stackato. He now focuses on product marketing of the SUSE Cloud Application Platform.