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SUSECON: simply impressed


It’s been more than one week now since I joined SUSECON17 in Prague. What struck me most were the utmost positive remarks partners and customers made during the week.

Here are some of my impressions of a wonderful week in the Czech capital.

I have been talking to many people during the conference. At least twenty conversations a day. With partners and/or customers. They were all impressed by what they experienced. They had not expected the breadth of our portfolio. Too many people – unfortunately – think we only offer SLES.

More interesting was their feeling about the company. “You are really open. Your people listen to us, they take our opinions seriously, they follow up on things. Open is not just a name, you act on it”, so they told me.

And you know what? During the opening session from our CEO Nils Brauckmann he asked the audience who was there the first time. One third raised their hand. So many new visitors. And they all liked it. This energises me.

Many of them said to me they should have joined the SUSECON years before, because they learned so much. On a technical level, but also on a personal level in how our people dealt with them.

Well, they have a chance next year.

In the meantime they can read my blogs. Or get in touch with me with any question or remark.


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