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SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 Release Candidate 1 is here!


We are happy to announce the release of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 Release Candidate 1!

Cloud Lifecycle Manager is available

Today we are releasing SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 CLM along with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 Crowbar! You will now find it in the download area:

  • SUSE-OPENSTACK-CLOUD-9-x86_64-RC1-DVD1.iso the ISO to install Cloud 9 with Cloud Lifecycle Manager,
  • SUSE-OPENSTACK-CLOUD-CROWBAR-9-x86_64-RC1-DVD1.iso the ISO to install Cloud 9 with Crowbar,


As a reminder SUSE OpenStack Cloud comes in two flavors:

  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud CLM is the default and uses the Cloud Lifecycle Manager (CLM). CLM comes with several advantages like template-based cloud definition with a built-in configuration checker, version control of cloud configurations using the industry standard git SCCS, and flexibility to extensively modify cloud configurations without requiring a cloud redeployment.
    For an introduction to Cloud Lifecycle Manager you can check out this blog post made for SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8:
    SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 introduces new Cloud Lifecycle Manager
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar is the continuation of prior SUSE OpenStack Cloud releases and uses the Crowbar Lifecycle Manager.

Notable changes

Feature Status

We are not fully feature complete yet but we entered partial feature freeze now, which means that we will primarily working on fixing bugs from this point forward. The exception to that rule are the following major features we are still actively working on:

  • Octavia barclamp for Crowbar flavoured SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9
  • Designate barclamp for Crowbar flavoured SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9


Cloud Lifecycle Manager

  • All virtualenv packages have been converted to using the underlying OpenStack service package’s version (e.g. venv-openstack-nova will now have the same version as the openstack-nova package it is based upon)
  • ardana-ironic
    • Remove deprecated options (bsc#1122254)
  • ardana-keystone
    • SCRD-6077 add project_observer role to the admin user
  • ardana-magnum
    • SCRD-6074 magnum-ansible deprecation cleanup
  • ardana-manila
    • SCRD-6076 Cleanup deprecated options
  • ardana-mq
    • Revert couple epmd.socket with rabbitmq-server (bsc#1118989)
  • ardana-nova
    • Move filter options to the right section (bsc#1122930)
  • ardana-octavia
    • deprecation cleanup done


  • Monasca
    • Monasca deployment implemented in native Crowbar (monasca-installer removed)
    • Grafana fixes to support Grafana 5.2.3
    • Fix Grafana in HA clouds (bsc#1116846)
  • Nova
    • Better error handling when Cephx auth is failing
    • Delete libvirt secret snippet immediately
    • novnc: disabled ssl based checks via haproxy – fixes race condition when deploying HA clouds
    • reduce nesting of ceph management code
  • Horizon
    • Add heat-dashboard (SCRD-4093)


SUSE OpenStack Cloud Public Beta Program

For more information, please visit our official SUSE OpenStack Cloud Beta Page. Or Contact us via our Cloud Beta Mailing List.

We are thankful for your support in trying out our beta products and we welcome your feedback.

Have fun beta testing!

Your SUSE OpenStack Cloud Team


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