Last Update: 2019-04-23

The Beta Program is now over!
SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 is officially released and available at

Cloud 9 Release Highlight

  • Continue the support of two lifecycle manager infrastructures: CLM and Crowbar. The general support starts on April 30th, 2019 for two years, and then one year critical security support till April 30th, 2022. LTSS is also provided till April 30th, 2024.
  • OpenStack Rocky + SLES 12SP4
  • Graphic User Interface for CLM cloud operations
  • Crowbar monitoring improvement via native Crowbar implementation
  • Integration with CaaSP v3
  • Integration with SES v5.5
  • Multi-attach storage
  • A revamp of the documentation for concise and quality docs.

Please see the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 Release Notes and documentation for more details:

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Contact Beta Manager

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