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SUSE Hack Week Engineer Spotlight: Imobach González Sosa


It’s Monday and SUSE Hack Week continues! Check out today’s feature.


Today’s Hacker…






Imobach González Sosa


YaST Developer






Q: Hi Imobach! Thank you for taking out time to chat with me. Tell us a little about yourself. What is your role at SUSE…your background, etc.?

A: Hi Ruby. I was born in Canary Islands, where I live with my wife and our two daughters (5 and 2 years old). After developing my career working mostly for local companies, I joined the YaST team almost two years ago (time flies!).

I could say that, partly, my job is also my main hobby, so sometimes it’s hard to distinguish if I’m working hard or just having fun. I also love (playing) music, reading about technology or just spending time with family and friends.

Q: It’s so nice to be able to take part in projects that you are passionate about and that truly make a difference. What project(s) are you working on for Hack Week?

A: I joined a Duncan Mac Vicar’s project to add support for Salt Parametrizable formulas to AutoYaST.

We’re basing part of the work in a proof-of-concept I started writing last year, so I’ve taken some time to refactor, add some features and clean-up the code before merging Duncan’s work.

The final goal is to use this feature to create a workstation/laptop auto-installer for new R&D employees. But, on the other hand, it could be a pretty cool feature for AutoYaST in the future.

Apart from that, I’ve been collaborating a bit with Cynthia Sánchez and Áncor González in improving the Jangouts user experience. I must say that Cynthia is doing an awesome job on that regard! Stay tuned!

Q: Sounds like you are pretty busy this week! What do you like most about it?

A: The idea of collaborating with brilliant people in any project you want is really appealing. Moreover checking out what others have built in just one week is exciting.

Q: At SUSE we pride ourselves on being the open “OPEN” source company. What does “open” mean to you?

A: Openness, freedom, collaboration, innovation… to me all these concepts are somehow related.

Q: What do you feel is the most difficult project you’ve worked on?

A: YaST is a really challenging project because it has a huge (and old) code base and a lot of moving parts. Fortunately, the awesome team behind it makes great to work on it.




  • Avatar photo victorhck says:

    I’m from Spain too and it’s great to meet spanish hackers in SUSE doing great things like improving YaST, or hacking with Jangouts (I wrote about that tool 2 years ago, so I think that have changed a lot in this time! )

    SUSE hackers that usually are in openSUSE IRC channel sharing. 🙂

    ‘ve phun!!

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