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See you at KubeCon!



It’s that time of year again! We’re getting ready to head on out to San Diego for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA. For me, KubeCon always makes for an exciting and jam-packed week. It’s awesome to be able to see work that everyone has done in the past year become tangible, at an event that continually proves to be one of the most high-value and welcoming events in the industry.

SUSE is up to some pretty cool stuff during this year’s KubeCon North America, so let’s check out some of that:

Booth Activities


SUSE invites you to set your sails for success with SUSE Application Delivery solutions at booth P35. We’ll be talking about all kinds of cool technologies like CiliumCRI-O, PrometheusEnvoy – and of course, Kubernetes – that can all be found in our Kubernetes distribution, SUSE CaaS Platform, either now or very soon.

Speaking of cool tech, did you know that SUSE is the leader in bringing together Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes? SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a modern application delivery platform that installs inside Kubernetes and helps boost developer productivity with easy one step deployment of cloud native applications. We’d love to show you how powerful and easy to use the platform is, so please swing by for a demo.

Drop by the booth to check out what we’re doing and be sure to hit us up for some sweet swag and giveaways while you’re at it.



SUSE Chameleons – the people, not the small green reptiles – are participating in a bunch of different sessions during KubeCon San Diego. Of course, all sessions at KubeCon are recorded and uploaded to YouTube after the conference in case you miss them, but we do invite you to join in the fun by attending them in person:

CRI-O: Under the Hood

Sascha Grunert (SUSE) and Mrunal Patel (Red Hat)

CRI-O is an open-source container runtime created for Kubernetes. The project was recently added to the CNCF incubator and has a very active user and contributor community established around it. In this session, Mrunal Patel and Sascha Grunert will show how CRI-O works under the hood.


Tech Community Share Out: Maintaining a Healthy Balance with Work

Chris Lentricchia (SUSE), David Mcallister (Scaylr), PJ Haggerty (,, Nanci Lancaster (Linux Foundation), Amanda Brazzell (Brazzell Buisness)

The digital age has brought us multitudes of advancements – from cost and convenience to connectivity – but those advancements have also left us fundamentally unbalanced, and often, unhealthy. As we advance further into an always-on culture that has developed through over-connectivity, overwork, and constant sensory overload, it has become essential to maintain a healthy balance with both work and technology.


Deep Dive: Kind

Antonio Ojea Garcia (SUSE), Benjamin Elder (Google)

Kind makes running Kubernetes in Docker look and feel as easy and simple as you would hope it to be. Our relentless focus on speed and simplicity to optimize for the local developer experience has taught us a number of things about the internals of Kubernetes and its many components as we work toward 1.0. Let’s look back at some of the challenges we’ve had to tackle and discuss the challenges ahead on the road to 1.0.



SUSE is a partner first company. To that effect, no writeup on our event activities would be complete without mentioning our partners. This year we’re collaborating with companies like GitLabNeuVector, and JFrog, to bring you an even better KubeCon experience. We’ll let them explain how exactly we’re collaborating when you get to their booths, but we feel as it’s important to give them a quick shutout here.

As with every KubeCon, there’s always tons more fun that takes place spontaneously – that’s the magic of it. We’ll see you there!





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