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SAP VORA 2.0 released for SUSE CaaS Platform 1.0


SAP announced that SAP Vora 2.0 is released on SUSE CaaS Platform 1.0 end of September 2017

SUSE CaaS Platform 1.0 is SUSE’s product for a Container as a Service Platform.

Here is a short glance on the architecture of SUSE CaaS Platform 1.0:

SAP Vora 2.0 is deployed to and runs in Kubernetes clusters. All SAP Vora 2.0 services are containerized using Docker. Based on a cluster description specification (defined in a configuration file), SAP Vora clusters can be booted up in a set of Docker containers and run in a Kubernetes environment. Hardware and software failures are mitigated by failover mechanisms. The Hadoop-related parts of SAP Vora (that is, the SAP Vora Spark
Extension) are deployed to Hadoop clusters.

Overview on the archictecture of SAP Vora 2.0:


SUSE delivers the Kubernetes infrastructure with the SUSE CaaS Platform product to run SAP Vora 2.0 on top of it.
SUSE CaaS Platform 1.0 can be deployed on premise, virtualised or in the cloud.

SAP Vora product

Central SAP Note for SAP Vora

SAP Vora 2.0 Installation Guide

SUSE CaaS Platform product

SUSE CaaS Platform product documentation


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