As a flexible and customizable general-purpose container orchestration platform, Kubernetes is dominating the container management tool landscape. Enterprise adoption of containers is exploding, and as a result software vendors are moving quickly to deliver their applications – both legacy and new cloud native applications – as docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes.

Which is why we’re excited to announce this week the extension of our SUSE Ready certification program to SUSE CaaS Platform, our enterprise class container management solution powered by Kubernetes. SUSE Ready certification provides ISVs a way to assert that their solution has been tested against and is supported with SUSE platforms.

SUSE CaaS Platform delivers the best in class container infrastructure that enables the digital transformation of our customers’ businesses. Additionally, for enterprises to be successful in deploying containers, microservices, and cloud-based infrastructure, they need the right DevOps tools, and the ability to secure, monitor and manage real world, large-scale deployments. As the “open open” source company, SUSE’s approach has always been to partner with vendors that deliver best of breed components that complement a SUSE solution. Take a look at the SUSE Partner Software Catalog and check the SUSE CaaS Platform box in the Platform filter, and you’ll see that SUSE is already working with a number of partners who have tested and certified their solutions with SUSE CaaS Platform.

To find out more about the SUSE Ready program and Ready for SUSE CaaS Platform partners, visit and visit us in booth #G-C28 at Kubecon.

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