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Need an App? Look in the Catalog!


In 1965, my parents were invited to put some stuff in a time capsule here in Portland. Fifty years later in 2015, the capsule was opened and the items returned back to them. One of the things they had put in there was a Montgomery Wards catalog, the hardcover 1965 Summertime Values edition. If you want to know how long ago 1965 was, take a look at the cover where they are advertising a women’s seersucker suit for $5.77 (apparently seersucker is having a resurgence according to this wikipedia article).

Printed catalogs may seem like such an anachronism these days, but the idea of the catalog – a list of items grouped together in some organized fashion to make them easier to find – is still quite relevant. The more items in the list, the more important the organization and indexing features of a catalog. Let’s say you are a software company offering interoperable Linux, cloud infrastructure and storage solutions, and you rely on an ecosystem of thousands of partners and their applications to complement your solutions and help customers meet their business requirements. Where can your customers go to find out which third party software products are certified to work with your solutions?

As you may have suspected, we have an answer for that! The SUSE Partner Software Catalog keeps track of partner software that has been certified to work with the most recent versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Enterprise Storage. And it’s not just a list of software, but a sophisticated and searchable database of solutions that can help our customers find exactly what they’re looking for in a few seconds. You can filter by partner, product name, SUSE platform, hardware architecture, software category and more!

If you’re a SUSE customer, the SUSE Partner Software Catalog is your first stop for finding software that’s SUSE Ready certified. And if you’re an independent software vendor (ISV) with a solution that is supported with SUSE,  it’s where you want your solution listed so that customers will find it. We’d like to have all ISV solutions that are supported with SUSE listed in the catalog, but it’s a big ecosystem, so we rely on our ISVs to lend us a hand. If you’d like to have your solution listed in the catalog, or if you have an existing entry that needs updating, contact and let us know. If you’re signed up as a SUSE partner, we’ll even give you the reigns so you can enter the information yourself and keep your entries updated.

And if you want to know the price of a dishwasher in 1965, let me know.

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