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The SUSE Ready logo tells customers that a commercial software solution is supported by the solution vendor when installed on, or when interfacing with a specific SUSE product. It is a self-certification process that says the software vendor has performed the testing necessary to state that their solution functions properly with SUSE products and has vendor support.

SUSE Ready certifications are generally valid for major product versions. If you have questions about whether to re-certify your product, see our SUSE Software Compatibility Statement

SUSE Ready Certification General Process

  1. Join the SUSE Partner Program
  2. To access SUSE software products to support your testing and QA, log in to the SUSE Partner Portal and go to the partner download and subscriptions area.
  3. Install the SUSE software and perform the testing your company does to deliver support of your solution in a SUSE environment. If you encounter unexpected issues, contact the SUSE ISV Relations team for assistance.
  4. Document your successful testing and your support by adding the appropriate SUSE product and version to the list of supported platforms in your documentation.
  5. Create an entry for your product in the SUSE Partner Software Catalog using the SUSE Partner Software Catalog login . You will need your company’s permission to make your catalog edits. The SUSE partner team or the SUSE ISV Team can assist you in getting this permission set up. You can also request assistance from the SUSE ISV Team to help you create or update an entry.
  6. Download the appropriate SUSE Ready logo from the SUSE branding pages for your use in promoting your solution.

That’s it!

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Ready

For software applications that install and run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

  • Follow the instructions above.

SUSE Enterprise Storage Ready

For software applications that support SUSE Enterprise Server as a storage target

  • Follow the instructions above. If you need remote access to a SUSE Enterprise Storage environment, contact the SUSE ISV Team.

SUSE CaaS Platform Ready

For containerized applications that run on a docker container platform and which may also utilize Kubernetes container orchestration

  • Follow the instructions above. If you need remote access to a SUSE CaaS Platform environment, contact the SUSE ISV Team.
  • You can add container-specific information by providing the link(s) to the documentation for installing your containerized application in a docker environment, including any required Kubernetes helm charts. Check with the ISV team for assistance in providing container information for your catalog listing