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Join the Best for your SAP Digital Core on IBM Power Systems


To win a relay race, you not only need top performing runners but also teammates who work well together. No matter how fast the runners are for their respective legs in the race, working together for well-executed hand-offs is critical to the win. Similarly, you need a strong team that works together seamlessly for your transition to SAP HANA.

The SAP Digital Core is the underlying infrastructure that makes it possible to transform your business into an “Intelligent Enterprise”. At its center is SAP HANA. SAP originally developed the HANA database on Linux (specifically, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server), and over the last several years have delivered a suite of solutions built on open source technologies. I’ve written a brief article about the open source solutions for SAP environments in this month’s Power Systems edition of IBM Systems Magazine. In it, I talk about how this strategy gives you, the SAP customer, a broader choice of technologies and vendors. The article covers the technologies but here I want to tell you why SUSE should be your open source partner for running SAP solutions to, as we say, Join the Best in your market.


Trusted and Preferred

SAP has trusted SUSE for 20 years, delivering products and services like HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Data Hub on SUSE products before they are broadly available on other platforms. SAP is also a customer, trusting SUSE solutions for their in-house implementation platform.

SAP customers overwhelming prefer SUSE solutions for SAP HANA. We have over 30,000 SAP customers and more than 100 customer success stories. In the four years since SAP validated HANA on Power servers, over 2000 customers have chosen SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications for their implementations.


Open and Flexible

SUSE is now officially the world’s largest independent open-source software provider and we remain committed to helping you retain control and flexibility. We delivers solutions that help customers to avoid vendor lock-in and retain control. SUSE solutions are always open and flexible, remaining true to the original vision of open source software but recognizing that the real world isn’t that simple. I mean, let’s face it: your SAP infrastructure is probably going to be composed of mixed technologies for a while. For example, many of our customers running SAP HANA on Power Systems have their NetWeaver applications in a separate AIX LPAR. You probably also have a strategy to leverage the Hyperscalers for service delivery in the cloud. All SUSE solutions for SAP environments are fully open and made available upstream to the community with open APIs. Not all vendors do this, which is why we call ourselves “The Open, Open Source Company.”

By the way, our open source approach and flexibility is one reason that SAP consistently turns to SUSE when implementing new solutions.



SAP and SUSE have been co-innovation partners for 20 years. We delivered the first OS distribution designed specifically for SAP systems the year before SAP HANA was available in the market. Even back then, it had features to improve downtime, maintain security, boost performance, and speed up deployment. In every year since then we’ve been the first to introduce new features and solutions that are ideal for SAP environments, including stepping up to deliver a working Linux distribution for SAP HANA on Power Systems.


Learn more

On September 5, 2019, SUSE will host an IBM Systems Media webinar titled “Making the Best Choice for your SAP HANA Infrastructure.” Click here to register for this webinar, where our very own IBM Champion Jay Kruemcke and I will discuss:

  • how you can align with SAP’s open source strategy
  • why SUSE is trusted and preferred for SAP infrastructures
  • SUSE innovations for SAP systems, especially those on IBM Power Systems


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