How to Ace Technical Expert Exams


Both product training & sales/technical certifications are a key tenet to success in the SUSE One Partner Program, so it’s not surprising that we field questions regularly about how to best prepare for the exams that follow any of the SUSE Technical Expert courses.

These courses include SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA), SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE), and SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist (SCDS). These certifications can be taken against any available Kubernetes & Linux products in the SUSE portfolio.  They also are required for partners to advance to the Gold & Platinum tiers in any of the six specializations of the SUSE One Partner Program.

Understanding & Accessing Courses & Certifications

For registered SUSE One partners, our recommendation is to start by reviewing the Courses & Certification Guide available on the partner portal. Here you will find an essential overview of Sales, Technical Sales, Technical Expert, and other courses we deliver to partners and customers.

Review the guide to improve your understanding of:

  • Courses & learning paths for all Kubernetes & Linux products
  • Any pre-requisite learnings you may need
  • Product knowledge assets related to courses & certifications
  • Additional learning resources


In some instances, you may notice the guide shows multiple learning paths leading to the same certification exam. If that’s the case for a certification you’re interested in, our recommendation is to review the courses in each learning path that lead to a Technical Expert exam. There will be test questions from each of those related courses.  

We also advise you review the information and ‘Detailed Objectives’ listed on any of the certification pages of our website. This is where you will find a complete list of topics that will be on the exam. As an example, take a look at the SCA for SUSE Rancher page and review the content under ‘Core Exam Information’.

Useful Resource List

Just to recap, below are the recommended actions, and a few additional resources, that will help ensure your success when taking a Technical Expert exam towards a SUSE certification.


Have questions, feedback, or need help getting started? Contact your assigned SUSE representative or send a note to the SUSE One Partner Program team:

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