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Happy Fourth Birthday OpenStack


The OpenStack project turned four this past week.  While birthdays are always a time to celebrate they are also a time to reflect on past accomplishments and anticipate the excitement of future endeavors.  And, since OpenStack has been maturing in dog years, some contemplation of where it has been and where it’s headed seems in order.

openstack-cloud-software-vertical-largeAs OpenStack celebrates this birthday it is hard to argue with its successful development over the past four years.  The OpenStack community is strong and growing with nearly 18,000 members in 140 countries.  And the committed group of developers that make OpenStack possible have delivered nine on-time releases while maintaining a demanding six-month release schedule.  They have accomplished this while adding capabilities beyond the two integrated projects (compute and storage) in the first few releases into a cloud solution with ten integrated projects… and three more incubating projects in the most recent Icehouse release.  The innovation and maturity of OpenStack is helping organizations around the world to roll out business services faster on open, flexible and scalable infrastructures.

But, OpenStack is not resting on its laurels.  The creation of the OpenStack Foundation put in place the governance and funding required for long-term stability and growth of the community.  The foundation’s creation of the OpenStack Marketplace highlights the project’s broad industry support of over 390 companies who are collaborating to ensure enterprises adopting OpenStack can roll-out complete solutions.  With the roll-out of the Superuser Magazine and the “Win the Enterprise” working group the OpenStack Foundation is putting the needs of enterprises at the forefront of future developments.  And the recent commitment by SAP to support OpenStack serves as further evidence of the enterprise readiness and future of the project.

suse_cloud_logoAs the provider of the first enterprise OpenStack distribution, way back in August 2012, SUSE recognized at an early stage the value that OpenStack can deliver to businesses. We have focused the development of SUSE Cloud on the needs of our customers. By making OpenStack easy to install, ensuring interoperability and support for mixed hypervisor environments and now delivering automated configuration and deployment of a highly available cloud services, so the cloud is always up, SUSE delivers on this enterprise vision for OpenStack.

So join me in raising a virtual glass (cause what other kind would there be in the cloud) to the OpenStack community.  And toast it on four successful years and wish it the lifespan of a tortoise, while maintaining the speed of a Cheetah.

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