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Four take aways from SUSECON 2017


Conferences always give food for thought. So did SUSECON 2017 in Prague. Let me share four take aways I had from this vivid five days meeting.

1. SUSE Enterprise Storage 5

Can you imagine: this new release doubles the performance! And it has an outstanding graphical interface. Moreover I learnt the meaning of DeepSea as a part of Ceph and therefor as a part of SUSE Enterprise Storage 5. It takes away a lot of work out of the hands of the administrator. It makes it easy to build a cluster.

2. Cloud Application Platform

I am enthusiastic about Cloud Application Platform that was announced at SUSECON 2017. This builds on the Cloud Foundry technology we share with our colleagues who we acquired form HP. With this one can build a platform-as-a-service. One does not have to buy everything needed at once, but it is possible to achieve parts and integrate them later with other parts.

3. Containers: next big thing

Through all the sessions and conversations I learnt that containerisation is hot. It seems to be The Next Big Thing. It makes me think of the early days of virtualization. People asked back than of that was necessary. Now they ask this about containers! And the beauty is: SUSE makes them as efficient as possible.

4. Truly Open Open
SUSE presents it self as the Open Open company. And it is true. Not only for the products we make, but it resides also in our culture. Every employee of our company is open to conversations, is open to suggestions, and follows on on promises. We really are Open Open.

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