First public beta of SUSE CaaS Platform 4.0!


We are happy to announce the first public beta of SUSE CaaS Platform 4.0


We are starting with Beta 2 for the Public Beta Program because Beta 1 didn’t meet our quality standard and we would to keep our internal beta naming in sync with our public beta naming.

That being said please check the following:

Beta Registration codes

Registration is not working with your regular key, special Beta Registration Code is required. You need to request one for SUSE CaaS Platform 4.0 Beta Program by contacting us at


Use the terraform package to install SUSE CaaS Platform. Refer to the Deployment Guide.

Architecture and working features:

The architecture of SUSE CaaS Platform 4.0 is described here:

This build has been tested on SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 and VMware ESXi 6.7.0. We have validated the following features:

  • Bootstrap a cluster
  • Add and remove one master and one worker node
  • deploy & scale & expose nginx:alpine image
  • PodSecurityPolicy deployment and conformance
  • Subscription to SCC extension

Please check our Release Notes for most recent changes and Known Issues.

Note that the product is not feature complete yet, we will continue to improve it.

Have fun beta testing!

Your SUSE CaaS Platform Team

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