Last Update: 2018-11-29

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Thank you all!

The SUSE CaaS Platform 3 Beta Program is now over! We hope that you have enjoyed beta testing and that we have provided the necessary help in your ongoing project.

SUSE CaaS (Container as a Service) Platform is an application development and hosting platform for container applications and services that enables you to provision, manage, and scale container-based applications and services.

SUSE CaaS Platform consists of 3 key components

  • Orchestration:
    SUSE CaaS Platform uses open source Kubernetes to provide production grade container orchestration at scale.
  • OS for Microservices & Containers:
    At the heart of SUSE CaaS Platform is the microservices and containers host OS – SUSE MicroOS.
  • Configuration:
    SUSE CaaS Platform uses open source Salt to automate the cluster at scale. Using Salt you can achieve a complete and automatic installation and configuration of components. Additionally, you can automate using cloud-init to pass configuration data to systems.


Mailing List is our dedicated Mailing List to discuss around the SUSE CaaS Platform Beta product. It is used by the SUSE Release Team to announce new beta images and technical information, as well as for general or technical questions, feedback, or defect reports related to SUSE CaaS Platform Beta products from our beta testers base.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Beta Manager

For questions related to the beta test infrastructure, for example download issues or problems with reporting bugs or the mailing list, please write to