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Database as a Service in OpenStack @ SUSECon 2015



In August, SUSE had the pleasure of sponsoring Trove Day in San Jose. SUSE, as you know, has an enterprise OpenStack distribution, and Trove is an open source project in OpenStack for providing Database as a Service (DBaaS).

The explosion in data is driving the need for better database solutions. As more data is generated from the myriad devices and sensors, and the ability to analyze it improves, developers are creating applications that rely on fast NoSQL databases to store the data. But databases are notoriously difficult to configure and manage, and database administration is not necessarily within the domain expertise of most application developers or even most system administrators. Further, there are a number of different database technologies that an enterprise may wish to use depending on the particular application and it is increasingly difficult and expensive for an IT organization to hire enough DBAs to have deep expertise in all of them.

DBaaS is the process by which an application developers can simply call a database service and it works without having to consider the particulars of the database. This means that the database is automatically provisioned, seamlessly scales, handles server failure and can be maintained, upgraded and backed-up all without impacting the developer. In addition, the developer’s database request can be distributed among hundreds of servers in parallel, significantly reducing the time to get a result.

As OpenStack gains traction in the enterprise for provisioning and scaling on-premise infrastructure, customers are looking to run databases with the same flexibility. Just as OpenStack hides the complexity of provisioning cloud workloads, Trove provides the same abstraction for database administrators. And while public cloud solutions exist like Amazon DynamoDB or RDS, a private cloud-based DBaaS deployment provides the control and security that many businesses require around their sensitive data.

With Trove in OpenStack, a business can implement DBaaS and have more control over corporate governance and security, while developers get faster provisioning of databases, the flexibility to choose the right database for the job, quicker iterations and faster time from development to production.

SUSE is working with Tesora, the leading contributor to the Trove project. Tesora DBaaS Platform adds features to community Trove such as intuitive installation scripts that make OpenStack Trove easier to configure, and is certified against major OpenStack distributions and databases. Tesora also provides global support for Trove. Tesora is a sponsor at SUSECon 2015 in Amsterdam next week, and will be presenting An Introduction and Deep Dive into OpenStack Trove Project where you can get the latest update.

DBaaS is an excellent use case for OpenStack and is ready for you to start looking at today. Come see us at SUSECon or contact SUSE to get started.


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