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When considering an infrastructure solution, think a joint solution from Fujitsu and SUSE


When I first came to SUSE, our relationship with Fujitsu was on a more regional basis. We have a very close relationship with Fujitsu in Central Europe and I like to think it is because our companies hold the same values: both companies are committed to innovating products that are insanely reliable, both companies are committed to being the best possible partner to each other (I see this day-in and day-out), and both companies care about making technology solutions easier to use. When meeting with colleagues from both companies in Central Europe, you would have a hard time knowing which company a person works for because the partnership is so strong.

I think one of the things that stand out to me about Fujitsu products and solutions is reliability. Fujitsu reliability is outstanding and is based on the company’s vast mainframe experience and deep commitment to reliability. You’ll find multiple redundant, hot-plug components that improve performance and increase system availability, multiple processor-level and system-level mechanisms and redundancies used for error detection and recovery, and multiple, electrically isolated partitions in their high-end servers so they can be serviced separately without taking the entire system offline.

So, it was not surprising when SUSE and Fujitsu expanded the partnership outside of Europe and entered into a global agreement in late 2016. Since that announcement, we have engaged in additionally solutions like PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Business Critical Linux, a solution offered exclusively through Fujitsu.

Alan Clark interviewed Yoshiya Eto of Fujitsu, covering a variety of topics. The last video in this series talks about the future of our relationship. I urge you to view to learn more about the directions we will take together as customers look for reliable and easy to use infrastructure solutions.

A sincere “thank you” goes to Yoshiya Eto for his willingness to participate in the interviews and to the team at the Linux Development Division, Platform Software business unit at Fujitsu Limited, for making this happen. ありがとう


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