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Automating the SAP HANA High Availability Cluster Deployment for Microsoft Azure


SAP HA solutions in the Public Cloud? We are here for you!

As the SAP solutions deployment on the Public Cloud is growing day by day, we at SUSE are keen to enable our customers and partners to have a smooth and straightforward experience deploying their SAP High Availability solutions in the Public Cloud.   

  • Would you like to explore how to deploy an SAP HANA HA cluster on Microsoft Azure?  
  • I would like to move my SAP HANA HA cluster workload to the Microsoft Azure public cloud, but I do not know where should I start?  
  • I am not sure If I can move my SAP HANA HA cluster workload to the Public Cloud. 

If any of the above questions apply to you, then this guide is designed for you!

A new SUSE experience!    

I am happy to announce that the “Getting Started with SAP HANA High Availability Cluster Automation Operating on Azure” SUSE Best Practices document has been released. This guide aims to explain how to build an automated SAP HANA System Replication (SR) Performance Optimized High Availability cluster operating on Microsoft Azure public cloud.  

In this guide, we focus on: 

  • Creating the Microsoft Azure infrastructure components using Terraform. 
  • Preparing Microsoft Azure infrastructure components to host an SAP HANAHA cluster environment. 
  • Deploying and provisioning an SAP HANA HA cluster using SaltStack automation. 
  • Initial validation of the created SAP HANA HA cluster. 

This guide uses  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15 SP1 to deploy the SAP HANA cluster nodes. SUSE Enterprise Linux Server for SAP Applications is the leading Linux platform for SAP HANASAP NetWeaver and SAP S/HANA solutions, enabling optimized performance and reducing downtime as well as achieving faster SAP landscape deployments. 

Behind the Scenes

The SUSE High Availability Engineering team’s tremendous effort to automate the SAP HA solutions deployment and provisioning on the Public Cloud resulted in the “ha-sap-terraform-deployment” open source project. Thanks to their great efforts, the team has successfully managed to use the Terraform and SaltStack tools to decrease the SAP HANA HA and SAP HANA NetWeaver HA solutions deployment time from days to hours! 

Happy reading! 

This is Abdelrahman Mohamed (Ab) from SUSE Software Alliances team.

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