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All New SUSE Customer Accounts


SUSE has had a very full and productive year since we branched out in our partnership with EQT to become the world’s largest independent open source software company. There has been a lot of work happening back stage to accelerate our digital modernization while we have separated from Micro Focus systems and processes. All of these internal changes have allowed us to be more effective and collaborative. We are now ready to open the curtains and bring you, our customers and partners, into our new SUSE tools.

There are two dates that are important for you to be aware of. The first is May 5th, when we will launch the new SUSE Customer Account Management tool for our customers and partners.  This new customer account will grant access to the SUSE Customer Center, the SUSE Community, and other tools that will continue to roll out over the next few months. The second date to be aware of is the 11th of May. On this date (May 11th), there will be an outage of the SUSE Customer Center due to migration to a new infrastructure. This outage will last from about 8:30 UTC to 14:00 UTC.

There are a couple of important items to be aware of:

  • If you have logged in to your SUSE Account in the past two years, you will receive an email asking you to activate your account and to create a password
  • If you have not logged in since 2018, you will need to create a new user account from the SCC landing page

Along with this change, there will be new Site IDs (or Account Number) that will be seven digits and begin with the letter A. You will use that site number for issues with SCC or to open a support ticket.

Lastly, the Patchfinder link will be changing to rather than the downloads page.

For additional information, please access the Frequently Asked Questions page. (UPDATED May 21st – We have added step-by-step guide that may be of help.



  • Avatar photo Simon Flood says:

    Hmm “SUSE Customer Account Management tool” … am I not the only one to see that those initials read SCAM tool … ?

    • Avatar photo asanford says:

      Unfortunately many scam filters caught the email. If you can release it from spam, please do and then you can activate your account.

  • Avatar photo Robert van Bussel says:

    Today is may 18th. I did have a SUSE account which I used regularly but I have not received a new SUSE Customer Center account. Is there a delay in the process?

    • Avatar photo asanford says:

      Hi Robert – Unfortunately many of the emails landed in SPAM filters. Please look there and you should be good to activate your account.

  • Avatar photo jason irura says:

    I cant login to suse customer care center For the last 2 weeks or so.How long is the migration going to take??

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