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Accelerate Innovation at SUSECON 2017


We are about seven weeks away from SUSECON 2017 and over the past few months, we’ve announced the location of the event (The wait is over. SUSECON 2017 location will be….), talked about the many benefits that SUSECON has to offer including the chance to visit the beautiful city of Prague (Get Ready to Paint the City of Prague Green!), discussed the certifications that will be offered this year (It’s What You Can Prove: Free Certifications at SUSECON 2017!), provided a schedule of all of the evening activities we will host (There’s more to SUSECON than just the sessions) and provided a few sessions to add to your itinerary if you’re looking to transform your current infrastructure (Ready to transform? Learn how at SUSECON 2017) or if you’re simply looking to make things more agile (Achieve faster time to value with Agile IT at SUSECON 2017).

What’s next?  Innovation! The digital economy thrives on innovation. Development cycles have become shorter, and in today’s fast pace environment, the stakes are much higher. Luckily, open source, by its very nature, spurs innovation. Open source communities offer everyone the creative freedom to work with peers and competitors to develop ideas and refine code together to drive the project forward, regardless of where the code comes from.  This is the essence of open source and with partners and communities, SUSE innovates, adapts and delivers secure, enterprise-ready open source technologies that enable customers to confidently innovate faster.

Ready to get innovative or need help defining your businesses next big thing?  We have solutions for that!  Even better?  We not only have demos and experts to answer all of the questions you may have, but also SUSECON sessions designed to help jumpstart your project.  Register now and add the following to your line-up:

BOV119040 – SUSE Enterprise Storage Management with openATTIC and DeepSea

Lenz Grimmer, Engineering Team Lead, SUSE

Kai Wagner, Senior Specialist Software Engineering, SUSE

Distributed storage solutions such as Ceph pose unique challenges in enterprise environments. Because of its great flexibility and functionality, Ceph is sometimes perceived as complex—especially in larger environments. That’s why SUSE develops the open source projects DeepSea and openATTIC. DeepSea is a Salt-based framework that allows you to control the deployment, configuration, and lifecycle management of your SUSE Enterprise Storage cluster. Compared to existing tools like ceph-deploy (which is already deprecated), many previously manual steps are automated and high-level tasks can be orchestrated—all of which reduce your daily workload. To make DeepSea even easier and more accessible, we added support for it in openATTIC as a web frontend to manage and monitor a Ceph cluster by using a Graphical User Interface (GUI). If you’ve never heard about Salt, Ceph and Object Store, and you’re also interested in how to operate Ceph from the CLI and GUI on a high-level basis, then this is the right talk for you.

BOV126620 – SUSE Enterprise Storage Use Cases

Sanjeet Singh, Texas, SUSE

Larry Morris, Senior Product Manager, SUSE

Join this discussion about SUSE Enterprise Storage Use Cases, including disk-to-disk backup, compliance archive, video surveillance and OpenStack storage.

TUT127187 – SUSE Enterprise Storage – Monitoring, Alerting, and Trending

Lars Marowsky-Brée, Distinguished Engineer, SUSE

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 introduces rich and powerful monitoring and alerting functionality for Ceph clusters. The functionality is based on analyzing and visualizing time series metrics via the leading open source projects Prometheus and Grafana, integrated with openATTIC—and all deployed seamlessly via Salt and DeepSea. After this presentation, you will understand the architecture, use cases, and minimal configuration of SUSE Enterprise Storage 5. You will know how to leverage our default dashboards, how to create new queries and alert rules, and, of course, how to interpret the data and graphs. You will also be equipped to seek out and utilize advanced material for your specific business needs. We will conclude with look at our technology roadmap and explain how reporting aggregated and pseudonymized metrics can improve your support and product experience.

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