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The adoption of cloud computing continues to grow rapidly, driven by customer demand for fast and easy access to new services.

Cloud technology is giving businesses the flexibility to change how they develop, run and manage Information Technology (IT) solutions, helping to improve agility, innovation, as well as the speed and efficiency of operations. It also offers the opportunity to reduce costs or rebalance capital and operating expenditure by leveraging Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing provides convenient on-demand access to shared pools of virtual resources, including processing, storage, networking, applications and services.

A cloud platform is a software-defined infrastructure that delivers all the management and automation tools needed to give users easy access to these resources, usually through a self-service portal. It also delivers monitoring and auto-scaling capabilities to match resources to the level of user demand.

What are the benefits of the cloud?

The cloud is ideal for providing fast and easy access to the resources and capacity needed for software development projects and for providing an incubation environment for new services and innovation.

The right cloud strategy can also deliver the agility and scalability to help your organization respond quickly to new demands, support DevOps initiatives and drive business growth. By automating and speeding up time-consuming tasks, it can free up your IT and operations teams for more productive and profitable activities.

The cloud also provides a convenient path to IT modernization and for restructuring the economics of your IT systems.

Which strategy is best for your business?

Linux and other open source technologies are the foundation of many cloud platforms. With projects such as Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry quickly taking leadership roles, they are also rapidly becoming the dominant choice for containerized, cloud-native or cloud-hosted applications and workloads.

Whatever cloud strategy you choose, make sure that it’s built with open source solutions in order to maximize choice and flexibility, while also avoiding the dangers of technology lock-in.

What cloud options are available?

There are a number of cloud infrastructure choices. These include public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud offerings. Most organizations are already adopting a multi-cloud approach by choosing a mixture of these options. This means that you can tailor and customize the right cloud options for your specific business requirements.

Take a look at the cloud fundamentals video for a high-level overview of cloud architectures, including public, private and hybrid cloud options. You’ll also get a concise explanation of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Why choose SUSE?

SUSE is an open source pioneer and veteran with over 25 years’ experience building and delivering enterprise and mission-critical products and technologies. We have built the widest professional partnership portfolio in the industry to ensure you get the very best solutions, services, consultancy, support and training.

Whether you’re looking for a cloud platform for fast provisioning of IaaS capacity, or a full cloud-based application delivery solution (Platform as a Service or PaaS) for containerized and cloud-native workloads, SUSE should be your first port of call.

Let a SUSE cloud specialist help you choose.

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Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Public Cloud

SUSE Solutions on Public Cloud—Reshaping the Economics of IT

Public clouds have become the go-to platforms for anyone looking for fast and easy access to compute resources and capacity on a pay per use basis. Over recent years, they have fundamentally re-shaped the entire IT landscape, helping businesses of all sizes to increase agility and lower costs.

Cloud service providers manage and operate these public clouds for the shared use of numerous organizations. Leading examples include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud.

SUSE products for public clouds are engineered to extend our best-in-class enterprise solutions to the public cloud delivery model, helping to drive digital transformation on a global scale.

SUSE Solutions on Public Cloud enable you to:

  • Accelerate innovation and time to market by combining enterprise open source solutions with the industry-leading, hyper-scale public cloud platforms and services
  • Enhance business agility and competitiveness at the new velocity of digital business without compromising on the level of reliability, availability and security of your organization’s workload demands
  • Get easy access to secure and scalable enterprise open source solutions that are optimized for on-demand deployment of pre-configured SUSE images
  • Optimize how you deliver IT with the transformative economics of a pay-as-you-go, utility-consumption model and to lower costs
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Private Cloud

Conquer Business Challenges with OpenStack Private Cloud

A private cloud is an excellent way to modernize your IT systems. It can help deliver new levels of agility, speed and innovation into your existing data center and maximize the value of the investments you have already made.

With a cloud provisioned for the exclusive use of your organization and within your own firewall, you have the added benefit of keeping security fully under your control, making it easier to manage data sovereignty, compliance and regulatory requirements.

OpenStack is the ideal Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) for developing new, innovative business workloads, for DevOps initiatives or for transforming traditional data centers. It provides a feature-rich private cloud to future-proof your IT investment, reduce costs, improve efficiency and drive growth.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is the enterprise-ready open source private cloud that delivers the agility, innovation and faster time to value needed to conquer today’s competitive, market and business challenges. It’s the production-ready OpenStack platform for bare metal, virtualized or cloud-native applications, as well as for hosting or migrating traditional or business-critical workloads.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud—Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

Many organizations are already using a multi-cloud methodology as they look for the optimum mix of private and public cloud services for their specific business needs. However, two-thirds of IT leaders are planning to move beyond a multi-cloud approach in order to adopt a genuine hybrid cloud strategy.

Hybrid cloud solutions are more complex to deliver and are continuing to mature. The aim is to provide tight integration and common access to mixed cloud resources, both private and public and to control them from a single management environment. A hybrid cloud makes it possible to dynamically deploy and move workloads between cloud services as needed or even to span them across different cloud platforms. The result is improved efficiency and speed of operations, more automation, greater business agility, and more elasticity in times of peak demand.

Businesses are increasingly embracing open source container technologies, cloud-native application architectures and DevOps methodologies as part of their hybrid cloud journey.

SUSE is taking a leadership role in building hybrid cloud application delivery solutions using Linux, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry to help you reach your destination.

Talk to a SUSE cloud specialist about your requirements.

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