SUSE Studio

SUSE Studio is designed to build and test software applications. It supports the creation of physical, virtual, or cloud-based applications. SUSE Studio is available as an online or onsite version, which enables you to build your own application images or appliances based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Key Benefits for IT Departments
  • Build optimized & consistent application images in minutes
  • Gain the flexibility to run your solution in physical, virtual, & cloud environments
Key Benefits for Software Vendors
  • Simplify your software development cycle
  • Stay ahead of the competition & adapt quickly to cloud computing

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Version 1.3

System Requirements

Minimum requirements for SUSE Studio:
  • CPU: x86-64 only, must be enabled for virtualization
  • Memory: at least 8 GB of RAM (the more the better)
  • Disk: at least 100 GB of free space is recommended
Minimum requirements for SUSE Lifecycle Management Server:
  • 4 GB RAM, at least 1 GB per CPU
  • 4 GB hard-disk space per managed appliance
  • Network interface (Ethernet)
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SUSE Studio substantially reduces the complexity of building and integrating applications into the data center environment. It provides a simple way to create and deploy, and maintain application images by automating routine, labor-intensive tasks.

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SUSE Studio takes a lot of the pain out of cloud computing by virtually eliminating the inefficient manual processes for application deployment. Studio streamlines the entire process of building applications for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

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SUSE Studio can help you to easily adapt new technologies, shorten development cycles and extend existing applications to the cloud while reducing support and development costs. Enhance your market expansion, increase business performance, and differentiate from your competitors.

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