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Based on the Spacewalk open source project, SUSE Manager is the best solution for managing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and related extensions as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It allows you to reduce the inherent complexity of managing multiple Linux distributions. It also manages Linux systems across diverse hardware architectures plus virtual and cloud environments. It gives you seamless systems management with a single centralized solution.

KVM Virtualization

SUSE Manager directs Linux workloads across a range of hardware from x86 to IBM System z. It works across VMware, Xen, KVM and Hyper-V. It works on Amazon EC2 and other cloud platforms. And it even works for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server-based virtual and software appliances. This expands your flexibility and helps your IT organization realize the potential of virtual and cloud computing. You can decide the placement of workloads where they make sense based on performance, availability and cost, without losing any control.

No matter where you deploy Linux, SUSE Manager's tight integration with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives your IT staff the same view of their Linux systems, whether managing them remotely or locally. This integration lets administrators reduce their time spent identifying issues and managing their Linux servers.

Moreover, SUSE Manager is an easy solution for your IT staff to deploy and use. SUSE Manager server and SUSE Manager proxy server are delivered in an appliance. This reduces deployment time and effort. And SUSE Manager uses familiar Linux logics and terminology, so your Linux administrators can immediately take advantage of its robust capabilities with little training. If you are looking for a Linux systems management tool that can handle Red Hat management as well as SUSE management, SUSE Manager is the right choice.

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