SUSE Cloud

SUSE Cloud is an open source, enterprise cloud computing platform that enables you to leverage your existing data center infrastructure to rapidly deploy and securely manage a private cloud. A SUSE Cloud installation will contain:

  • A SUSE Cloud Administrative Server that sets-up the cloud and configures and provisions the SUSE Cloud Control Nodes and SUSE Cloud Compute or Storage Nodes.
  • One or more SUSE Cloud Control Nodes that provide the cloud's self-service portal and image repository, while automatically tracking the resource state of the SUSE Cloud Computer or Storage Nodes, identifying available capacity within the cloud, and deploying workloads.
  • SUSE Cloud Compute Nodes are the physical servers that are managed by SUSE Cloud. They are either used to host KVM and Xen virtual machines for workloads running in the private cloud or integrate with VMware vCenter.
  • SUSE Cloud Compute Nodes for Microsoft Hyper-V are the physical servers running Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 as hosts for virtual machines managed as part of a SUSE Cloud deployment.
  • SUSE Cloud Storage Nodes are the physical servers managed by SUSE Cloud that host block or object storage using Ceph or Swift.

SUSE Cloud Administration Server, additional SUSE Cloud Control Nodes, and SUSE Cloud Compute or Storage Nodes are purchased separately as one- or three-year subscriptions and include priority support. This priority support subscription entitles you to 24x7x365 e-mail and technical support (with one-hour response times) over the duration of the subscription for all support calls related to SUSE Cloud. Support for issues related to individual workloads are not included as part of your SUSE Cloud subscription.

Note: The SUSE Cloud Compute or Storage Node subscription does not include an operating system or high availability entitlement.

Note: VMware support requires access to VMware vCenter 5.1 or greater.

Note: The customer is responsible for acquiring the appropriate licenses from Microsoft for Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 and is responsible for any subscriptions or licenses required for guest operating systems running on the SUSE Cloud Compute Node for Microsoft Hyper-V.

SUSE Cloud Control Node + SUSE Cloud Administration Server MSRP $10,000
Additional SUSE Cloud Control Nodes MSRP $2,500 per control node
SUSE Cloud Compute Node MSRP $800 per socket pair per physical server
SUSE Cloud Compute Node for Microsoft Hyper-V MSRP $800 per socket pair per physical server
SUSE Cloud Storage Node MSRP $5,000 per 36 Terabytes

All dollar amounts represent U.S. currency. Your price may vary.

SUSE Cloud

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