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Integration with the SUSE product portfolio brings added value to a cloud environment

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SUSE OpenStack Cloud is integrated with the SUSE portfolio to help you adapt, deploy, and manage cloud applications for your private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud installation.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is integrated with the SUSE product portfolio. For customers deploying cloud workloads running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, this means unmatched flexibility and support for your cloud environments. SUSE customers benefit from the largest portfolio of certified third-party applications running on Linux as well as certifications on most industry-standard hardware. These certifications mean that the software and infrastructure solutions you use today will move to the cloud with you.

SUSE offers multiple cloud-service-provider options when SUSE OpenStack Cloud customers choose to deploy a hybrid cloud. Through the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Partner Program, SUSE has recruited many cloud service providers around the world for deployment of enterprise workloads in the public cloud. For a list of cloud providers please visit the Cloud Pavilion.

Furthermore, the integration between SUSE Studio™ and SUSE OpenStack Cloud helps you rapidly deploy and adapt applications for use within your private cloud, or in the public cloud of your choosing as part of a hybrid cloud installation. SUSE Studio helps you assemble, build, and deploy portable application stacks into the SUSE OpenStack Cloud image repository. Since SUSE Studio supports multiple virtualization and cloud platforms, you can place these applications in both your SUSE OpenStack Cloud private cloud and a public cloud to run when needed.

SUSE Manager delivers comprehensive management of guest Linux workloads running in both public and private clouds. SUSE Manager can easily track and maintain thousands of images across cloud boundaries—both private and public. Its advanced patching techniques are critical in helping limit security risks and maintain compliance with internal and external regulations.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud

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