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With SUSE Cloud you get increased levels of automation for managing and tracking your cloud infrastructure so you can manage more virtual images and increase server utilization.

SUSE Cloud provides increased levels of automation for managing and tracking virtualized infrastructures, so enterprises can:

  • Manage more virtual images without increasing staff
  • Further increase server utilization rates
  • Cut down on unnecessary virtual machine sprawl

SUSE Cloud improves the productivity of the IT staff and frees you to perform higher value functions by limiting the need to actively provision workloads and rebalance the infrastructure. This means that with the automation capabilities and scalability of SUSE Cloud, enterprises can massively scale their infrastructures without scaling the IT staff. This lets enterprises realize dramatic server-to-administrator ratio gains. It also reduces the need to hire additional IT staff to handle growth in computing requirements.

Deploying OpenStack can be complex and take a lot of time to set up and manage a basic cloud configuration. The SUSE Cloud installation framework integrates OpenStack and the open source Crowbar project to automate the installation process and significantly reduce the effort required to set up your cloud. Through a set of CHEF recipes, predefined scripts, and autoYAST, you can rapidly configure a private cloud. Additional compute and storage capacity can be rapidly added as demand increases.

As your cloud scales up and down, the automation enabled by the central resource tracker and rules-based scheduler of SUSE Cloud ensures that workloads are optimally deployed across the physical infrastructure. As a result, server utilization rates increase and enterprises realize even higher capital expense efficiency than an environment that is merely virtualized.

Through the self-service portal and image repository, included in SUSE Cloud, non-IT staff can select and provision workloads. This makes it very simple to add new virtual machines on demand. And the rules-based scheduler identifies the best place within the virtual infrastructure for deployment of the workload.

Additionally, by being able to track end-user IT consumption through the self-service portal allows each line of business to better manage its IT usage. This level of visibility helps end users recognize when workloads are no longer necessary, and shut them down. By reducing VM sprawl, enterprises can further improve server utilization rates, while lowering administration costs.

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