Powered by OpenStack, SUSE Cloud is an open source enterprise cloud computing platform that enables easy deployment and seamless management of an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) private cloud.

Automated Install Process

  • SUSE Cloud Administration Server Installation Framework Integration with the Crowbar project provides predefined scripts, which enable an automated install process that not only makes it easier to rapidly configure your cloud environment, but also makes it simpler to add new compute and storage nodes. More ›

Enterprise Support

  • World-class Technical SupportSUSE Cloud is backed by the award-winning, worldwide SUSE support organization. More ›
  • Standard Maintenance Processes SUSE Cloud is integrated into existing maintenance and product lifecycle management processes, ensuring that SUSE Cloud deployments can easily receive maintenance and security fixes. More ›
  • Mixed Hypervisor Environments SUSE Cloud enables multiple hypervisors to be run in the same cloud. Supported hypervisors include KVM, Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware ESXi through integration with VMware vCenter. Support for mixed hypervisor environments gives more flexibility in designing cloud deployments and helps to optimize licensing costs and workload performance. More ›

Optimized Resource Provisioning and Deployment

  • Centralized Resource Tracking Provides insight into activities and capacity of the cloud infrastructure for optimized automated deployment of services. More ›
  • Rules-Based Scheduler Streamlines the automated discovery and provisioning of resources based on predefined business logic. More ›
  • Metering and Monitoring Provides data on cloud usage by resource and user that can be integrated into billing and operational reporting systems. More ›
  • Orchestration Automates the control and coordination of multiple virtual machines based on a set of predefined templates. More ›

Secure Provisioning

  • Identity and Authentication Multi-tenant, role-based provisioning and access control enables IT to securely provision multiple departments and users on the same cloud infrastructure. More ›

Self-service Provisioning

  • User Dashboard Pushes the management of resources closer to the end user, and allows them to configure and deploy services as necessary, and track their own resource consumption. More ›
  • Image Repository Allows the IT staff and business staff to determine and publish, as a catalog, standardized virtual machines that are predefined configurations for specific purposes or services that are used regularly. More ›

Object and Block Storage

  • Object Storage SUSE Cloud comes with leading edge solutions that provide customers with a choice of cloud-ready storage options. For customers that want the simplicity of cloud accessible object storage, Swift storage provides scalability and ease of access from inside or outside of the cloud. More ›
  • Block Storage SUSE Cloud Block Storage increases choice by letting organizations provide persistent block storage at the virtual machine level. Additionally, SUSE Cloud includes a technical preview of Ceph and the Ceph Rados Gateway, providing compatible Swift and Amazon S3 (Simplified Storage Service) APIs for block storage. SUSE is also working with partners such as Coraid, EMC, Inktank and NetApp to give SUSE Cloud users a broad choice of block storage plug-ins. More ›


  • Networking SUSE Cloud includes many networking options by delivering networking-as-a-service to enable scalable network management, an API to build rich network topologies, and the ability to create advanced network services. SUSE Cloud Networking is also plug-in enabled, providing extended capabilities offered by Cisco, Midokura, Open Vswitch and VLAN bridging solutions. More ›

Scalable, Open Design

  • Massive Scalability SUSE Cloud is architected for unlimited growth of cloud environments. More ›
  • Open APIs Provides integration of third-party software, such as network management, ticketing and billing solutions. More ›

Integrated with SUSE and Partner Product Portfolios

  • SUSE Studio Rapidly build and deploy applications for use within your private cloud, or in the public cloud of your choosing as part of a hybrid cloud installation. More ›
  • SUSE Manager Manage and monitor the physical cloud infrastructure running on Linux as well as the Linux workloads deployed in your private or hybrid cloud. More ›
  • WSO2 Stratos Develop next generation cloud applications using an enterprise-ready PaaS environment built with WSO2 Stratos and SUSE Cloud. This combination provides the most complete, reliable, and scalable enterprise private PaaS for cloud based application development. More ›

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