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Deliver innovative high-performance solutions with a solid OS foundation that is flexible to support a broad set of Armv8-A processors and open source community-based solutions.

Large-scale processor support
Develop innovative large-scale HPC, storage and networking solutions with the capability to support over 95 processor cores with NUMA, wider memory bandwidth for improved performance of data-intensive workloads, and lower power consumption than typical server systems. SUSE partnered with the following Arm processor providers to exploit and test unique Armv8-A features:

  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)—Opteron A1100
  • Cavium—ThunderX
  • Cavium—ThunderX2 CN99xx
  • Cavium—Octeon TX
  • HiSilicon—Hi1616
  • NXP—QorIQ LS2085A / LS2045A, LS2080A / LS2040A
  • NXP—QorIQ LS1043A
  • MACOM / Applied Micro—X-Gene 1, X-Gene 2
  • MACOM / Applied Micro—X-Gene 3
  • Marvell—Armada 7040/8040
  • Rockchip—RK3399
  • Qualcomm—Centriq 2400
  • Xilinx—Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

Note: Please check with your specific hardware vendor. Due to the rapidly evolving availability of Arm System on a Chip hardware, not all platforms have undergone the same degree of hardware testing.

Ceph enablement
Deliver Arm-based software-defined storage solutions with built-in Ceph client enablement.

Open source packages
Leverage and contribute to open source innovation with community-sourced, SUSE-validated Arm-based packages built using Open Build Service and additional software available from SUSE’s PackageHub.

Flexible packaging options
Deliver integrated solutions with flexible packaging options for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM to meet your customer demands and solution model.

Resilient, proven Linux distribution
Reduce solution delivery and maintenance costs by avoiding the hassle of building, maintaining and supporting a private Linux distribution. With SUSE’s mature and proven operating system you can dedicate your resources to delivering innovative solutions to your customers.