INNOVATE Specialization

Elevate your collaboration with SUSE engineering to ensure the compatibility of your software & hardware built on or with SUSE offerings.

Join SUSE One

Build On SUSE Platforms



SUSE has tools to support the development model that works best for your current project, whether it's with microservices in containers or traditional industrial strength waterfall, in the data center or in the cloud. You get all you need to build, test, certify, deliver and commercially distribute your products and solutions to your customers.



Certify that your products and solutions are tested and supported in a SUSE environment through our certification programs – SUSE READY for your applications; YES certified for your products; Solid Driver for drivers and kernel modules



Work with SUSE to promote your products and solutions to thousands of SUSE customers worldwide. Get your products and solutions in our catalogues. Develop joint solution flyers, webinars, whitepapers and explore opportunities to work together to showcase our partnership to our joint customers



You will get access to a number of support resources available to help you through the certification process of your products

Certification Levels

The Power of YES

Partnering with SUSE enables Independent Hardware Vendors to build and deliver solutions that help customers reduce costs, manage complexity, and mitigate risk—and accelerate your success.


Rancher is the leading open-source container management platform. Find out how you could get your containerized app available for deployment through the Rancher catalog.

Get your software Ready

SUSE Ready Certification provides your customers with the assurance that your solution has been tested and is supported with SUSE solutions.

Easy-to-deploy with SolidDriver

The SUSE SolidDriver program establishes standards for packaging and delivering kernel drivers within SLE operating systems

Program Benefits

Once you become part of the INNOVATE Specialization, you can grow in tiers and enjoy the benefits.

  Emerald Diamond
Certification of your partner software and hardware products with the SUSE/Rancher set of products  with appropriate contract level and fees
Service requests for developing test validation and support/certification tools  3-pack Standard 5-pack Standard
SUSE product briefings Webinars Individual
Engineering support during product certification process
Joint messaging and awareness support
Expanded joint marketing roadmap development
Discounted rates on program fees (for fee-based programs within Innovate) upon approval
Quarterly business and technical reviews 
Partner Alliance Manager for software/Hardware certification (PAM)

Innovate Partners

Certified ISVs 1251
Certified IHVs 2345
Certified hardware partner products 6863
Certified partner applications (Rancher by SUSE included) 7762