Configure Compaq Presario C795TU Wireless & Webcam for SLED 10

By: johnmah

July 30, 2008 10:03 pm





Step by step instructions to get Atheros Wireless & Webcam on Compaq Presario C795TU working with SLED 10 SP2.

– Install SLED10 SP2. If possible get all the update online by YaST2->Software->Online Update . Just accept all default.
– Install pwlib-plugins-v4l2 package from YaST

Atheros Wireless for AR242x
– Download
– Go into YaST->Software->Software Management remove all packages start with “madwifi”
– Make sure to install C/C++ compiler as well as kernel header file. Best is just select Pattern in Filter & Install “C/C++ Compiler & Tools” option
– Reboot the system
– tar -xvzf madwifi-hal-
– cd madwifi-hal-
– use any editor to edit file “ieee80211_crypto_ccmp.c”
– go to line 343

Line 343 will look like this

crypto_cipher_encrypt(tfm, &sg_dst, &sg_src, AES_BLOCK_LEN);

Change line 343 to by add “//” in front of the line

// crypto_cipher_encrypt(tfm, &sg_dst, &sg_src, AES_BLOCK_LEN);
Then save file

(Without doing so during compilation in next action will fail assume you do not need this feature)

– go back to root directory of madwifi-hal-
– issue command “make” it should complete without any error
– then follow by “make install”
– edit /etc/init.d/boot.local
– add new line with “modprobe ath_pci” without the open/close quote symbol, then save file.
– you can just issue command “modprobe ath_pci” or just reboot system

Everything should work now.

Troubleshooting Notes :
– The wireless LED will be always orange/red does not turn blue (With Vista when driver loaded will turn blue)
– Wireless On/Off button does work, only press the Wireless On/Off switch once every time when you need to On/Off (I spend days without knowing I need to On it & assume driver will trigger it on)
– After pressing Wireless On/Off switch wait for about 5-10 seconds before anything will happen
– cat /var/log/messages|grep wlan0|more for any error

Additional Notes:
– Officially HP does not ship any XP driver anymore but it does work with NDISWRAPPER with driver version
XP32_X64_WHQL_5-3-0-45_(Negative-Pole)70510 if you are lucky & your local HP rep willing to share this

lspci -t will show the following

01:00.0 Ethernet controller [Class 0200]: Atheros Communications, Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter [168c:001c] (rev 01)
Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Unknown device [103c:137b]

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